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Celebrating Our 9th Year Ad Free!

We're in the process of upgrading the site. Sorry for the disarray.

If you enjoy hiking in San Diego, driving down an old forgotten road or just getting out and exploring, this site is for you. Hidden San Diego highlights areas of the county that few people know about and even fewer visit. We have been on the web for over 7 years, and have become a trusted source of information. The current list of areas on the site can be found in the box below.


Click on one of the links below for more information about areas currently on the site.

  • Mud Caves - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Explore 22 mud caves in Arroyo Tapiado along with several slot canyons in this unique desert landscape.
  • San Diego County Waterfalls - Explore 11 falls in the County from the well known to little gems. Falls are some of the most popular hiking destinations in the county.
  • Julian Mining District - Travel back in time to explore San Diego's own gold rush. Discover some long-forgotten mining roads.
  • Eagle Peak and Boulder Creek - This is remote San Diego County. Enjoy several waterfalls, abandoned trails and your own private pond.
  • Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve - Roam thousands of acres of oak woodlands in this newly opened ranch.

There are many other areas in the Members section waiting to be explored, including well-known but hidden talus caves in the County.

Mailing List

Join our mailing list and be the first to find out when new areas about San Diego are added to the site. We will never sell or share your information, and you can remove yourself from this occasional newsletter at any time.

Our focus is not quantity, but on a carefully detailed exploration of selected areas. New areas can be added by the webmaster as well as members. If you are looking for your own private niche in San Diego, you just found it. While we cover some areas found in popular guide books, you would be surprised at how much detail they leave out. That's because most books try to cover too much area. Knowing where the mud cave area is located is one thing. Having detailed directions to 22 caves plus hundreds of pictures and detailed maps is something else. We have many unique areas on the website that can't found in any other resource.

Your time is valuable. Don't drive out to an area and only see part of it. We have already taken the time to thoroughly explore these areas and have hundreds of pictures, custom maps and detailed directions to finding each area. Get updated trail information provided by other members. Become a member today and have fun exploring online before you go.

Our new interface gives members the ability to interact with the site. They can add trip reports, upload photos, add new hikes and even entire new sections to the site. They can watch pages and be notified when they change, communicate with hundreds of other members without revealing their email address, and add to the KnowledgeBase. The Knowledgebase is a more informal area where notes and bits of information too small for a Featured Area can be stored. This can include out of the way camping areas, small hikes in local canyons, an area to collect fossils, and anything you think other members would enjoy. Members that actively contribute to the site are members for life.

Need more information? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

A few comments from our members:

"Thanks for thinking of the site - you are one of only a small handful of sites worth supporting."

Dave C.

"I recently went to the mud caves. I was there once before many years ago, but only knew about a couple of the caves. This time I knew about many caves due to your website...I had a great time due in large part to the info you provided."

Dan H.

"...great website on the caves !!"

David W.

"Looking forward to exploring the Eagle Peak area, GREAT update!"

Mike L.
San Diego

"Thanks for this great website. I've been looking for detailed info about the mud caves for some time. I've already been in quite a few of them, but I knew there were many more that I hadn't yet discovered... I can't wait for my next trip."

Michael S.

"I really like the Hidden San Diego website and all of the great information it contains!"

Frank H.
San Diego

"The site has a lot of great information, and I and family looking forward to some new adventures. Thanks to your site and the great information you are sharing."

Harold D.

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