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Santa Ysabel Preserve East looking west stitch.jpg

In October 1999, the Nature Conservancy bought the Santa Ysabel West parcel, part of the old Santa Ysabel Ranch property. This parcel is 1512 acres of open grassland and mature oaks. It is to the west of Highway 79, just north of the town of Santa Ysabel. A year later, they purchased Santa Ysabel East. This is a huge, 3,890 acre parcel that starts at Santa Ysabel and goes all the way to the base of Volcan Mountain Preserve. This parcel was described by Bill Leahy, Southern California director for the Nature Conservancy:

It is beautiful land, with Engelmann and coast live oak woodlands, native grasslands, wildflower fields and seasonal wetlands. Because of its very visible frontage on Highway 78, it could have been a prime target for development.

This area opened to the public on July 1st 2006 and nobody seems to know about it yet. Get detailed information about both ways to access the Preserve as well as trail recommendations in the members section of the site. We have over 27 MB of pictures, maps and detailed wildlife studies done in the Preserve. Consider joining today and exploring this beautiful area online before you go.

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