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Your use of the HiddenSanDiego.com site and any content contained therein will constitute your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Terms of use:

1. Use of any content obtained from HiddenSanDiego.com is for the exclusive private noncommercial use of the joining member for the membership period.
2. No material from this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, create derivative works from or distributed in any way.
3. Printing content obtained from HiddenSanDiego.com for the noncommercial private use of a member is permitted. The member must always retain ownership of the printed material.
4. Only the joining member is authorized to enter the site. Sharing of membership information (username/password) or any content with other parties may result in an immediate termination of your membership and rejection of access in the future.
5. Members are required to use the username assigned to them by Hidden San Diego. Members may use their own password and are encouraged to change it frequently using the "my preferences" link at the top of the page.
6. Your membership entitles you to access the site with only one computer at a time. Multiple logins at the same time may result in your account being frozen until the password can be changed.
7. Occasional site outages are to be expected and have to be accepted as part of your membership. Any extended outages will be compensated for by extending your membership the length of the outage.
8. HiddenSanDiego.com reserves the right to alter any site contents at any time without prior notice, including expanding or reducing content and modifying its Terms Of Service.
9. Any unauthorized use of this material will be considered a violation of our copyright.
10. Members that upload photos or other files retain their original copyright, but agree to allow Hidden San Diego use of the photo or file for any purpose related to the Hidden San Diego website either now or in the future, regardless of the current membership status of the contributor.
11. Any member that edits content or adds content to Hidden San Diego agrees that the contribution becomes the intellectual property of Hidden San Diego and may be used either now or in the future, regardless of the current membership status of the contributor.
12. Editing or adding content to HiddenSanDiego.com is a privilege and not a right. Editing privileges can be revoked at any time and for any reason. There may be times that editing will be locked for all members.
13. Members agree not to upload or in any other way contribute any copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Member contributions should be in your own words and include your own photos.
14. Members agree to keep their email address current through editing their 'my preferences' settings. This allows members to have their password emailed to them should they forget it when logging in.

Privacy Policy:

1. All personal information acquired during the registration process, through email or by any other means is for the exclusive internal use of HiddenSanDiego.com only and will not be sold, rented or given to any third parties.
2. Personal information may be used to help identify you in the event of a forgotten password or email address change.
3. No personal information will be kept after your membership expires except as required by law for tax purposes.
4. Members receive only one email reminder about their expiring membership. After their membership expires, your email address will be removed from our records. Receiving the Newsletter is separate from membership and must be unsubscribed to on the Main Page if desired.


Because content can be edited or added by any member, you understand and agree that any content obtained from HiddenSanDiego.com is provided "as is" and without any warranties expressed or implied. While every effort is made to check the accuracy of content on HiddenSanDiego.com, you accept that, due to the dynamic nature of the website, their may be errors, omissions or unforeseen changes that Hidden San Diego, its members, or other agents cannot be held responsible for.

You also understand and agree that hiking in any outdoor setting has inherent dangers and that your use of content obtained from HiddenSanDiego.com is at your sole risk.